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From paper to practice; Young persons drug diversion

May 25, 2022

Wednesday 25 May 2022

We are With You invites you to our second learning event: From paper to practice; Young persons drug diversion

The event is a collaboration between With You, Volteface and the Centre For Justice Innovation.

We will hear first of all from Agnes Wootton, Service manager at With You, on With You’s evaluated diversion project, RE-Frame. Katya Kowalski Head of Operations at Volteface will talk about the complexities of speaking about diversion in the media, and why we must work toward ‘reframing’ what diversion means to the general public. Jason Kew, Senior Innovative Practice Officer, The Centre for Justice Innovation will offer a police perspective to diversion and Bami Jolaoso, Innovative Practice Officer at the Centre for Justice Innovation, will talk about recent research into racial disproportionality within the youth criminal justice system, with a particular focus on youth diversion and out of court disposals.

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