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Psychedelics and the Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics

April 19, 2022

Tuesday 19 April 2022
7pm – 9pm

Certain psychedelic states can give rise to alternate metaphysical beliefs, such as the recently-researched psychedelic-induced shift from physicalism to panpsychism (that minds are ubiquitous in Nature). Whilst some may see these shifts as delusions, there are logical reasons to keep an open mind as we do not yet agree upon any answer to the mind-matter problem: the question as to what relation the ‘mind’ has to ‘matter’. Philosopher of mind and metaphysician Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes (University of Exeter) will consider issues with the standard Western approach to the mind-matter problem, which in turn will lead to the opening of possibilities of other metaphysical systems (such as Spinozism). This in turn will offer new natural frameworks for fathoming psychedelic experiences.

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