An interview with John Kneale – Volunteer at Achieving Change Through Employment


John Kneale


How do you help the Achieving Change Through Employment (ACE) project?

I help refugees to integrate into their new community. I do this by helping them learn the language and get used to talking in English. I help my mentee by providing professional and friendly face-to-face contact. By helping my mentee improve his English it has had a variety of benefits. He is now confident and able to access local services, go shopping, send a letter, go on a bus and more. Hopefully, with some more support, he can get work. These benefits help my mentee to feel independent again.

What does your role involve?

I meet my mentee every week. I support him by helping him practice conversational English. He learns at college, but he practices away from the classroom with me.

How would you describe the team?

The ACE team recruited me and trained me and now offer ongoing support. They have all been fabulous, extremely supportive, cheerful, positive and helpful. I get regular supervision which reassures me that I am supporting my mentee well. It also means I and get help to improve my own skills and abilities.

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