iCan Speak Bootcamp


 Confidence is a skill you can master – let Richard McCann show you how!

Birmingham, 23 June 2015

£145 + VAT professionals, £95 + VAT service users


He wowed the DDN conference this year, could you be the star of the show next year?

Does the thought of standing on a stage of a group fill you with fear?

Do you want to improve your communication skills?

Does a lack of confidence stop you getting your point across?

Do you struggle in official situations?

Do you find it hard to have your voice heard?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the iCan Speak Bootcamp is for you.

By the end of this highly interactive course you will know how to successfully engage with people, how to present yourself, how to deal with nerves, and you will feel your confidence soaring!

The skills learned on this one-day course will provide confidence that will help everyone in everyday situations, as well as those looking to improve their public speaking.

Just 10 years ago Richard McCann had an unhealthy fear of meeting people and speaking in public. He made it his mission to overcome that fear in order to share his story and message with others, and has done so with incredible success. Having been there and done it, Richard is keen to share his personal journey of how he overcame his speaking fears with others seeking to become more engaging speakers.

What will you learn at the iCan speak bootcamp?

Richard will share his tried and tested techniques which helped him become one of the most booked professional speakers in the UK and beyond.

Stand and deliver:
How to look the part on stage. Concentrating on your non-verbal communication.

Start with impact:
How to grab the attention of your audience from the very start.

Vocal variety:
Learn techniques that will give you the edge.

Spice it up:
Learn language techniques that will enhance your delivery.

Involve your audience:
Be a stand-out speaker by engaging with your audience.

Own that stage:
The stage is your home and your audience – learn how to own it!

Silence the cynic:
How to silence even the most cynical of audience members.