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DDN’s social media streams have been alive with chat about Be the change



Met some passionate people @DDNMagazine #bethechange. Everyone at the enterprise workshop will be given access to our business plan builder tool!

(Amar Lodhia, TSBC)


Thanks to all at @DDNMagazine for today’s #DDNConf. It’s been a lovely day.

(Maddie O’Hare)


It’s all about the connections and spreading the love man! Great day. Knackered!

(Stacey Smith) 


Brilliant workshop today @DDNMagazine with @injectingadvice regarding social media!

(Ranjit Bhandal)


Thanks @DDNMagazine for having me speak about social media, plus great to meet the lovely 

@MarkOneinFour who talked about running a magazine.

(Nigel Brunsdon, Injecting


Having spent today at @DDNMagazine Be the Change, my head is now swimming with loads of new stuff about drink and drug support.

(Mark Brown, One in Four magazine) 


@DDNMagazine Thanks for having our BRIC worker Mags speak about #recovery. Sounds like it was a great day! 



Lancashire User Forum delivered a workshop @DDNMagazine conference and were very grateful for the opportunity.

(Peter Yarwood, LUF)


Brilliant couple of days, now that’s what you call unity.

(Darren Walters) ‏


Our service users and peer mentors loved Be the Change. Came back with lots of enthusiasm and ideas.

(Quality of Life)


Fantastic talk by Steve Brinksman – a GP’s view on how treatment should fit into new Public Health framework.

(Hampshire DAAT)


Rich Maunders (Phoenix Futures)

What a great day, thanks guys.

Dawn Simpson (LUF)

Brilliant, inspirational day, thanks to all involved!

Kevin Jaffray (SUSSED)

Thanks to you guys for providing a platform. Another excellent day.

Stephen Patterson (Council for the Homeless NI)

My fourth year and every year it gets better. Some new SUs with us and they were as blown away as I was the first time. I’m gonna use a Leeds United saying… Marching On Together. Peace & Love.

 Jeanette Siret (Inspire)

Still buzzing after the fantastic day yesterday. This was my second and you can be sure I won’t be missing any more. Big, big hugs and thanks DDN and everyone involved.

 Francis Cook (NUN)

I have to say that this was the most users-involving and users-involved DDN conference yet; it wasn’t until I saw all the photos that it struck me. 


‘There’s been no substitute for the power that comes with people like me being able to say, “Well, service users would challenge you on that”. People in commissioning and in provider land will claim things that won’t stand up to scrutiny, and you have a vital role in challenging that.’  Rosanna O’Connor

‘If you’ve got toothache you go to the dentist. If you want to recover you go to someone who’s in recovery.’  Delegate

‘GPs are just like the rest of society. We can either be helpers or fascist pigs.’  Dr Chris Ford

‘When I was on methadone I had no encourage­ment whatsoever to come off it. I had to do that myself.’  Delegate 

‘We need to work together to stop people demonising life-saving medications, when it’s really about ineffective treatment.’ Daren Garratt 

‘I was in active addiction for 24 years and the one thing I never saw where I lived was a recovery community. Things have changed.’  Delegate