Focus on Residential Treatment: Sefton Park

Sefton Park bases its personalised treatment on the belief that no two clients’ treatment needs are the same.

As an alternative to 12-step, the treatment at Sefton Park takes a self-empowerment approach, helping the client to gain a better understanding of their underlying issues, attitudes and behaviours.

The qualified and experienced team deploy a wide range of cognitive and person-centred interventions within the caring and supportive environment of the therapeutic community. In this way, we help our clients to better understand their underlying feelings and anxieties within a person-centred ethos.

The detox facility is now in its second year and has had an excellent response and very good outcomes. We also partner with other units in the South West to provide full medically assisted detoxes.


Sefton Park recognises that addiction is something that affects the whole family. If requested by the client they will facilitate family conferences in the interest of establishing dialogue and mutual understanding around the impact that substance misuse has on the family. This can also prove to be a good opportunity for the client and their family to consider the choices open to them for the near and more distant future. Staff encourage family visits at weekends as we understand the importance of the family unit and the support that can be provided through social visits.


Sefton Park supports the client in building confidence by helping them to develop their potential.

They provide a ‘Discovery Day’ in a rural environment that promotes new experiences through risk taking and team building. These are outdoors activities such as falconry, rope climbing, orienteering, bushcraft and woodland cooking – lots of team-based exercises and having fun in the outdoors.

Fortnightly, staff organise a ‘Mindfulness Day’, with the opportunity to experience a whole raft of mindfulness activities – acupuncture, meditation, poetry, music and artwork, depending on what’s available on that particular day. The client selects their own choice from the activities. It’s about relaxing, learning, experiencing new things and self-expression through art and poetry – doing things that allow people to reconnect with themselves. It’s all about re-finding your inner self.


Sefton Park focuses on a healthy lifestyle and the kitchen team ensure that all dietary requirements and preferences are catered for. They bake their own bread each day and clients enjoy a varied diet and healthy range of meals. They have considerable experience of supporting clients with food issues and a well-developed understanding of the support required.

Exercise is also encouraged – there are opportunities to access a local gym and the two miles of sandy beach on our doorstep create the opportunity for walks, running and bike rides. Bikes are provided!


Having access to aftercare support is a very important element of the treatment journey, so aftercare services are available to all Sefton Park clients. If you’re in recovery and you’ve completed Sefton Park then aftercare support is available for as long as it’s needed.  Aftercare support is also offered via Skype.

Sefton Park offers support with housing via their experienced aftercare and resettlement worker and enjoy strong connections with a range of supported housing providers in the local area and across the country. Each client who completes treatment at Sefton Park will normally have access to supported housing locally.


The whole team at Sefton Park take pride in supporting each individual client in achieving a successful treatment outcome, with the client’s needs at the core of what they do. The work is intensive, and it’s very much client-centred which means it’s personalised to the needs of each client.

You can put any four clients in a room together and it will soon be obvious that they are not the same. Each client is different and has different issues to address. Each client is on a different journey.

So, each client needs an individualised approach that recognises their differences.

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