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As well as updating our drug information and writing new reports, Drugwise provides a full range of DrugScope archival materials and all Druglink articles back to 1986.

DrugWise also has an international dimension which is not restricted to drugs, but includes alcohol and tobacco where the advent of e-cigarettes is causing as much controversy as that surrounding the conflicting views on drug policy and practice.

There are many robust international and internationally-relevant national reports and reviews in all these areas. The problem is that they are not all in one place. So Drugwise have created I-Know, the international knowledge hub which will build up a library of information, policy and practice material stored on our server so that they will always be available. 

In addition Drugwise produce DS Daily a daily email round-up of the latest news, reports and blogs related to substance misuse. You can subscribe here for free.

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We are proud to work in partnership with many of the leading charities and treatment providers in the sector.

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