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Links to conferences, training providers, podcasts and other resources.

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Here is a list of upcoming events. 

It’s not a rehearsal – Announcement coming soon!

The DDN Conference bringing together service providers and the people who use them to build better, fairer treatment for all.

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NHSSMPA Free Annual Conference 2020: What does good look like during and after COVID-19?

9 September – Online

Now, more than ever, NHS and voluntary sector providers, service users, commissioners, volunteers and other stakeholders need the opportunity to come together, collaborate, discuss, inspire and learn from each other.

Motivational Interviewing and Mentalizing

How do you support people to make change when at times they are not sure they really want to change?

10 September – Online

Podcasts and online resources

Here are links to podcasts and free online resources for personal and professional development.

Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM)

A series of online presentations sharing ideas and providing peer support on a range of issues.

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Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF)

A youtube channel sharing a range of online training and free resources.

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Skills Development Service (SDS)

A mix of paid for and free online training and resources, including a weekly Zoom meeting with leading experts in the field each Thursday at 7pm.

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Free online courses currently covering naloxone provision and overdose prevention, and community management of alcohol disorders.



Training for individuals and organisations including accredited professional development, qualifications and independent training. Most courses are offered both face to face and online, please contact the providers directly to discuss your requirements.

To view a list of training providers please click here.


Support and Social

Alcoholics Anonymous UK

Links to online meetings and peer support.

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Cocaine Anonymous

Links to online meetings and peer support.

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Making a Difference Together

A Slack channel open for information sharing across substance misuse treatment.

Slack channel 

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Narcotics Anonymous 

Links to online meetings and peer support.

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Phoenix Futures Recovery TV

Recovery TV is a livestream channel created by the charity and housing association Phoenix Futures to broadcast videos submitted to us from across their community.


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Red Rose Recovery

Facebook page providing updates and links to peer support. Each Saturday at 5pm there is a ‘live lounge’ with a range of speakers including medical practitioners, treatment providers, and people in recovery.

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Smart Recovery

Online resources and recovery training.