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Three residential rehabs in different locations understand that whatever the location, what matters is providing a range of interventions and treatments, with each one tailored to the individual.

Addiction can affect individuals from all walks of life, and each person has their own unique story. Because of this all of our programmes are uniquely tailored to the person. Each client receives a thorough physical and psychological evaluation, taking into account their medical and addiction history in order to create the best possible care package. Looking beyond their addiction, our qualified assessors will study diet and nutritional requirements, and screen for conditions associated with addiction such as liver disease.

We offer a rapid detoxification programme, which can quickly and safely withdraw a client from their drug of addiction, through to a full 12-step therapeutic programme based on the Minnesota Model. This 12-step programme is presented in a contemporary way, focusing directly on the addiction and looking at issues of denial, unmanageability in life and getting through the very early stages of living without alcohol or drugs.

With more than 30 years’ experience of treating addiction, our team has medical and therapeutic staff, including some who are in long-term recovery themselves. Each client is allocated a key worker to help understand and clarify the programme, and ensure that stress is kept to a minimum while working towards recovery. Though no two people are the same and every client will have an individual plan, many of the sessions come as part of group discussions providing an opportunity for mutual support and learning.

We take an holistic approach, with yoga and art classes helping stress management, while providing cognitive skills and mindfulness applications to provide the tools to help build a new, healthier life in long-term recovery.

Following the programme, a strong emphasis is placed on aftercare with clients learning how to spot signs and triggers that can lead to relapse. A support team and helpline are in place, as well as strong links with local fellowship groups for those that need them.


Cassiobury Court, London








This 17th century former hunting lodge of the first Earl of Essex is based on the outskirts of Watford, and just 15 minutes from central London by train.

In a relaxed and safe environment within a secluded walled garden, all 13 single rooms are equipped to a high standard, providing clients the opportunity to engage with the therapeutic process.

If you would like treatment for addiction for yourself or someone you know, please call 0800 500 3129.


Ocean Recovery, Blackpool

Our residential rehabilitation centre in Blackpool is able to treat a range of addictions including drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction, sex addiction and eating disorders.

With a medical team on hand to observe patients’ progress in recovery 24 hours a day, patients receive the full assistance and support during detoxification. Our Blackpool centre offers luxury rehabilitation, and patients travel here from all corners of the UK.

The centre is designed to promote a feeling of relaxation during treatment, with an atmosphere that promotes learning during rehabilitation and aids the detoxification process whenever uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms arise.

If you would like to discover how our Blackpool centre is able to aid your journey into recovery please call today on 0125 353 0553.


Step One Recovery, Spain










The La Paz Step One recovery centre is situated on an exclusive two-acre Mediterranean estate in Javea, on the Costa Blanca in Eastern Spain. We firmly believe that travel generates an enthusiasm for new possibilities and that removing yourself from harmful distractions back home will aid your recovery. The beautiful town of Javea has scenic mountain ranges on one side and white sandy beaches on the other. There are some incredible views of the sparkling blue ocean from our estate.

La Paz Step One provides clients with a high-end environment in which to concentrate on their treatment and recovery, rather than being distracted by any domestic concerns. The centre combines luxurious bedrooms, healthy gourmet food prepared by our in-house chef, and facilities including a cinema, sauna and swimming pool. With a maximum capacity of only 12 guests at a time and a staff to client ratio of two to one, you have our undivided attention.

Whether you’re making that call for yourself, or on behalf of somebody else, we will be able to provide all the help you need. Call today on 0800 011 1242