Boots Needle Exchange Scheme

Boots Needle Exchange ServicesSharing and reusing needles for injecting drugs puts you at significant risk of contracting blood borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.


To help reduce the risk there are local schemes that exchange used needles for new needles.

To find your nearest participating Boots store click here

How it works:

  1. Check with your local participating Boots store if you need to sign up for the scheme. This will vary depending on your location.
  2. Take your used needles, in a Sharps bin to the participating Boots store.
  3. The pharmacist will supply you with a new needle kit and Sharps bin.

While the risks associated with injecting drugs can not entirely be eliminated, using clean needles can reduce the risks. Also, by exchanging used injecting equipment, needles are disposed of safely reducing the risk of injury to yourself and the wider public. Speak to your local participating Boots pharmacist to find out more about the scheme.