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Make sure your marketing makes a splash!

When you promote your business and the services you offer, it has to be done in the right way. You’ve spent years nurturing a brand that’s synonymous with quality healthcare and you need to showcase trustworthiness, a safe and caring environment, and the expertise of your team. You need to convince people to look at what you have to offer, and reassure them that they have made the right choice by putting their trust in you. 

Before you even get that far, you need to reach people, make them sit up and take notice of what you offer and accept your invitation to take a closer look – not always easy when there’s so much competing for our attention.


How can we help you with this?

How can we help you with this? Well here at DDN, we have been producing a magazine for the addictions sector for 16 years. Over that time we have learned about – and with – our readership. We have followed changes in the sector and like to think we know what we are talking about – the magazine is read by people in a very wide variety of jobs and settings, including treatment workers, politicians, policymakers and service users. We like to think that we make complex information readable and digestible for busy people. We have also become a trusted brand.

Work with a team who understands your market

The team at DDN are in a unique position being experts in marketing and a leading authority in this sector. 

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DDN is produced by a small independent publishing team, enabling us to maintain our integrity, react quickly to new ideas and opportunities, and seek out the people we love working with. We are at home in this sector, which is why we are now inviting opportunities to work with us. Our years of writing news and features, shaping articles from all manner of source material, shaping articles of all standards and styles into readable articles for the magazine and website have made us adept at creating copy for all occasions and styles of media. 

Furthermore, we offer deep-seated understanding and experience of the commercial aspects of trading in the sector. Every penny you spend on promotion and advertising must work for you – we know that, because DDN is a free magazine funded by advertising. Every free copy of DDN that lands on someone’s desk must have the print, postage and production costs earned by advertising and sponsorship. We can share our knowledge to help your budget go further.

Take the first step

We like to think we are very approachable! So why not get in touch by dropping us a line or giving us a quick call? If you think we can help or you want to know more about what we might be able to offer, we’ll be more than happy to expand our ideas. We’re very conscious of budget constraints and uncertainty in the current climate, so our suggestions will be based on realism. And you might have fun working with us!

Other things we offer… 

Our team offers many (so many!) years of experience in editorial, sales, design, web design and content, marketing and online promotion –including SEO and ad words campaigns that have become so important to being seen and searchable. We have developed the skills of a fully fledged communications agency and can confidently and capably manage campaigns, as shown by successful promo campaigns for several organisations in the sector. 

If you run your campaign with us you will be talking to a team that not only knows about the addictions sector, but can bring knowledge and ideas to you from the get-go. Raising your profile depends on your comms team having the knowledge and understanding how to put your messages across using the right language – including terminology that won’t offend. 

We offer straightforward liaison, trustworthy and accurate results and the benefit of years of experience. We can help you raise your profile and punch above your weight, without the costs of maintaining an in-house operation.

In a nutshell, we are mighty fine value for money!

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