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Before it’s too late

[…] deaths (Features, June 2017): Meet the Fentanyls, a guide to the fentanyl family by Kevin Flemen. Search the DDN archive for more on nitazenes, fentanyl and synthetic opioids. nitazenes - DDN article on responses to the threats of synthetic opiods Kevin Flemen (left) and Piper Subheader on DDN article looking at the effects of nitazenes and synthetic opioids

‘No let up’ on legal highs, says government

The government has initiated a range of measures as part of its stated aim to tackle new psychoactive substances (NPS). Along with the banning of synthetic opiod MT-45 and stimulant compound 4,4’-DMAR as class A drugs, the Home Office has published new guidance for police and local authorities detailing the action they can take […]

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News in brief

[…] of new psychoactive substances across the country, according to crime prevention minister Lynne Featherstone. The announcement was made as the Home Office outlawed two more substances –  synthetic opiod MT-45 and stimulant compound 4,4’-DMAR – as class A drugs. Social worker guide The first national guide for social workers on working with people experiencing drug […]